Novotis offers:

We conduct training in-house for groups of up to 12 people. We can tailor training to specific company needs, for instance by tailoring the training to a specific type of system. We aim to provide practical advice on “How To Do” not just “What the standard says”.

SPICE Vision

Novotis develop and sell SPICE Vision a powerful assessment tool for professional assessors in ternal and external. SPICE Vision offers the following features:

  • Covering the complete workflow
  • Streamlined
  • Adaptable to differents assessment styles
  • Ability to add or modify assessment models

Novotis Blog

Urgent fix to SPICE Vision v2.6

In case control characters is pasted into formatted text in the notes or evidence windows the formatting is corrupted. This can typically only happening when pasting from a programmers editor. MS Word will for instance not put control characters as text on the clipboard. Download build 2090 from the download page to get a fix […]

Novotis supports the NTP project

Novotis has made on of our servers available as a time server for the Swedish NTP pool. Read more about the NTP project here.

New build of SPICE Vision 2.6

Some user of 2.6 have experienced an issue on Windows 7 on first use of SPICE Vision after a reboot. The issue is related to a bug in Windows closing of the splash-screen that shows during loading of SPICE Vision. Build 2183 fixes this issue with a work around. You can download the latest version […]